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Personal data protection

Personal data protection

Personal information is not collected without your knowledge but is voluntarily provided by you. Personal information is not passed on to third parties. Personal information is not used for purposes other than those intended. By "personal data", we mean any information collected and recorded in such a way that allows you to be identified personally, either directly (e.g. name) or indirectly (e.g. phone number). Before providing us with any such information, we recommend that you read the following document describing our customer privacy policy.



In your capacity as a client of HOTEL LES ARCADES, we may at times ask you for information about yourself and/or members of your family, such as:

* Contact details ( e.g. surname, first name, telephone number, email, etc.);
* Personal information (e.g. date of birth, nationality, etc.);
* Information about your children ( e.g. first name, date of birth, age, etc.);
* Your credit card number (for transaction and reservation purposes), your HOTEL LES ARCADES loyalty program membership number or that of partner's program;
* Your arrival and departure dates;
* Your preferences and interests (e.g. smoking or non-smoking room, preferred floor, type of bedding, type of print media read, sports, cultural interests, etc.);
* Your questions/comments, during or after visiting one of our establishments. 

The information we collect about people under 18 years of age is limited to name, nationality and date of birth and should only be provided to us by an adult. We ask you to make sure that your children themselves do not send us any personal data without your permission (especially via the Internet). In the case that this should occur, you can contact us at one of the addresses indicated in paragraph 7 in order that we can delete the information.

We do not intentionally collect any sensitive information, such as racial or ethnic origins, political opinions, religious & philosophical beliefs, trade union memberships, medical details or sexual orientation. In addition, other information may be considered sensitive according to the relevant local legislation, such as your credit card number, personal interests and hobbies, whether you are a smoker or not, etc. We may collect such information in order to satisfy your requests or provide you with appropriate services, such as a specific diet. In this case, your prior consent may be required in regards to the collection of such sensitive information in accordance with the legislation in force in certain countries.


Personal data may be collected in various circumstances, including:

Company operations;
* Booking accommodation;
* Registration and payment;
* Inquiries, claims and/or litigation;
* Participation in marketing programs or initiatives;
* Registration in customer loyalty programs;
* Completion of client satisfaction surveys;
* Competitions or online games;
* Subscriptions to newsletters, recieving offers and promotions by e-mail;
* Information received from third parties, e.g. tour operators, travel agencies, booking systems using GDS or similar;
* Internet activity: Connection to the HOTEL LES ARCADES website (IP address, cookies);
*Online information forms (online booking, questionnaires, company pages on social networks, connection methods such as Facebook login, etc.).


We collect your personal data for a number of reasons.
1. Meeting our obligations to our clients.
2. Managing requests to book accommodation;
    * Drafting and archiving legal records in accordance with accounting requirements.
3. Managing your stay;
    * Monitoring of your consumption (telephone, bar, etc.);
    * Controlling access to accommodation;
    * Internal list management of clients behaving inappropriately during their stay (aggressivity, rudeness, non-respect of the hotel policy, non-respect of security regulations, theft, damage, vandalism or incidents of non-payment).
4. Improving service, including;
    * Processing your personal data within our customer marketing program, conducting marketing campaigns, brand promotion and to have a better understanding of your needs and wishes;
    * Adapting our products and services to better meet your needs;
    * Personalising merchandising offers and information for you;
    * Informing you of special offers and any new services provided by HOTEL LES ARCADES or its partners.
5. Managing client relations before, during and after their stay;
    * Loyalty program management;
    * Qualifying our client database;
    * Segmentation based on client booking history and travel habits in order to send targeted advertising;
    * Predicting and anticipating future trends;
    * Establishing sales statistics & results and reporting;
    * Providing background data to the offer push tool when someone visits the website or makes a booking;
    * Recognising and managing the preferences of both repeat and non-repeat clients;
    * Sending newsletters, promotional, service or tourism-related offers, or offers from HOTEL LES ARCADES's partners or contacting clients by telephone;
    * Managing requests to unsubscribe from newsletters, promotions, tourism-related offers and client satisfaction surveys;
    * Implementing the right of opposition;
    * Locating people in HOTEL LES ARCADESE's premises via a special dedicated telephone service in case of a serious incident affecting the premises concerned (natural disasters, terrorist attacks, etc.).
6. Performing cross-checks, analyses and consolidation of data collected whilst booking or during a stay through a trusted third part, in order to determine your interests, your customer profile and enable us to send out personalised offers.

7. Improving HOTEL LES ARCADES's services, including;
    * Carrying out research and analysis of client questionnaires and feedback;
    * Dealing with complaints;
    * Helping you benefit from the advantages of our loyalty program.  
8. Securing and improving your experience on the HOTEL LES ARCADES website, including;
    * Improving navigation of the site;
    * Improving security implementation and fraud prevention in compliance with local legislation (e.g. the keeping of accounting records).


We may share your personal data with both internal and external recipients under the following conditions:

a. Within HOTEL LES ARCADES: We may share your personal data and provide access to authorized personnel within our organization so as to provide you with a better experience, including:
    - HOTEL LES ARCADES's personnel;
    - Booking personnel using HOTEL LES ARCADES's booking tools;
    - IT Departments;
    - Sales partners and marketing departments;
    - Medical services if necessary;
    - Legal services if necessary.

b. With service providers and partners: your personal data may be transmitted to a third party for the purpose of providing you with certain services and for improving your stay, including;
    - External service providers: IT subcontractors, international call centres, banks, credit card issuers, external lawyers, routers, printers;
    - HOTEL LES ARCADES may, except in the case of opposition on your part, update your profile by sharing certain information about you with its business partners. In such cases, cross-checks, analysis and combinations of your data may be performed via a trusted third party. This will allow HOTEL LES ARCADES and selected contractual partners to determine your interests, your customer profile and allow us to send you personalised offers.

c. Local authorities: We may also share your information with local authorities in accordance with local legislation and if required to do so by law or as part of an investigation.


HOTEL LES ARCADES takes appropriate technical and organisational measures in accordance with the relevant legislation to protect your personal data against unlawful or accidental destruction, accidental loss or alteration, or unauthorized disclosure or access. To this end, we have put in place technical measures (such as firewalls) and organisational measures (such as a login/password system, physical security measures, etc.). SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology is used to secure your transactions when you provide credit card information at the time of booking.


Below is a list of cookies that we use. We have detailed them here so that you can choose whether or not to allow them.
When you visit or use our site, services, applications, tools or e-mail, we, or our partners or service providers, may use cookies to store information that enables us to provide you with an enhanced, faster and more secure experience.
This list is designed to help you better understand the technology and how we use it on our sites or in our services, applications and tools. You will find below a summary of the main elements you should know about.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text data files (usually consisting of letters and numbers) stored in the memory of your browser or device when you visit a website or view a message. Cookies allow a website to recognize the browser or device. Like most sites, www.hotel-les-arcades.roscoff.com uses technology that allows us to record certain information when you visit or use our sites, services, applications, messaging systems and tools. This is mostly done by these small text data files stored on your device.

There are several types of cookies: 

- Session cookies expire upon closing your browser. They allow us to associate your actions during that particular session.
- Persistent cookies remain stored on your device between browsing sessions. They allow us to remember your preferences or actions on more than one site.
- First-party cookies are issued by a site that you visit. Third-party cookies are issued by a third party site independant from the site you are visiting.

What type of cookies do we use?

The cookies we use have several different functions. They may be required for our services to operate, help us improve our performance, offer you additional features or help us provide you with relevant, targeted advertising. We use cookies and similar forms of technology that will only remain on your device while your browser is open (session cookies), and cookies and similar forms of technology that remain on your device for longer periods of time (persistent cookies).


We can use these cookies to evaluate the performance of websites, applications, services and tools, including as part of analytical processes. Also, they help us understand how visitors use our websites, to determine whether they have used our messaging service, to detect whether they have viewed a product or link, or to improve the content of our website, applications, services or tools.

We use on our site features, functions, applications and tools that can only be made available by using them. You can choose to block, remove or disable cookies if your browser, any application you have installed or your device allows you to do so.  However, if you refuse the use of cookies, you may not be able to take advantage of certain site features, functions, applications or tools. You may also be asked to enter your password more frequently during your browsing session. For more information about blocking, removing or disabling cookies, check your browser or device settings.
Cookies can be disabled or deleted using the tools or settings available in most browsers. Preferences must be defined separately on each browser used.
Every browser has different features and options but to change the cookie settings , go to "Options" or "Tools" in your browser.

Google Analytics features are enabled for Display advertisers on this site (Remarketing). Google uses cookies to show our ads on sites in its Display network. With the DoubleClick cookie, Google adapts the ads that are displayed to users according to what is being browsed our site. You can disable this feature by going to the ad preference settings manager.


You have the right to access your personal data collected by HOTEL LES ARCADES and to modify it subject to the current relevant legisation.
You may also exercise your right to lodge an objection by writing to the address below.
In case of difficulty in exercising your rights, contact the department in charge of personal data for HOTEL LES ARCADES directly by e-mail at lesarcadesroscoff@wanadoo.fr, specifying "MY PERSONAL INFORMATION" in the subject line, or by writing to the following address:

15 rue Amiral Réveillère
29681 Roscoff, France

In order to ensure the confidentiality and protection of your personal data, we will have to identify you in order to respond to your request. To do so, you will be asked to enclose a copy of an official piece of identity, such as a driver's licence or passport, with your demand. 
If your personal data is not accurate, complete or up-to-date, please inform us of any amendments to be made at the above addresses. All requests will be processed in a timely manner in accordance with the relevant current legislation.


For any questions concerning the personal data policy of HOTEL LES ARCADES, please contact the department concerned with personal data at the address given in paragraph 7.


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